$ 3,999 MXN

Violet, a Piece of Art in Crystal Pleasure

Experience self-care with Violet, the Amethyst Pleasure Curve by Mystra.

  • 100% Pure Amethyst Crystal: Crafted from genuine amethyst, this wand promotes calmness and enhances your self-pleasure practice.
  • G-Spot, Cervix & P-Spot Stimulation: Specially designed curve targets your G-spot, stimulates the cervix, and is also excellent for P-spot stimulation for deeper, more fulfilling orgasms.
  • Non-Porous & Easy to Clean: Hygienic and easy to maintain with soap and warm water.
  • Temperature Sensitive: Can be warmed or cooled for added sensation.
  • Compatible with All Types of Lube: Versatile and safe to use with your favorite lubricants.
  • Caution! This product will make you squirt. :) 


  • Length: 17 cm
  • Circumference: 3 cm at widest point

This exclusive Mystra amethyst wand is a beautifully polished sexual wellness accessory. Perfect for resensitizing the body and supporting intimate self-connection, it’s ideal for meditative masturbation, promoting mindfulness and presence without overstimulation.

Amethyst’s calming properties help soothe emotions, quiet the mind, and reduce stress, enhancing libido. The specially designed curve gently reaches the G-spot, stimulates the cervix, and is perfect for P-spot exploration, deepening orgasms and fostering personal confidence and sexual wellness.

Key Features:

  • Promotes calmness and emotional soothing
  • Ideal for meditative masturbation
  • Enhances libido and reduces stress
  • Perfect for solo use or with a partner

Each piece is handmade, ensuring unique sizes and shapes. Our prices reflect our commitment to top quality and product authenticity.


  • Free shipping within Mexico
  • Discreet packaging for your privacy

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