Mystra is founded upon three principles, which we consider the core of our ethos.

Authentically sourced.

The sanctity and power of obsidian comes from its origin, the place where it is formed and the people who unearth it, shape it, and bring it to life. We source our products from Teotihuacan, the ancient pyramid city inhabited by the Aztecs, which was once the capital of all obsidian trade for Mesoamerica. Named “the place where the gods were born,” by the Aztecs, it is home to the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, as well as two obsidian mines. Rooted in history and tradition, our processes honor the origin, and are 100% hecho en Mexico.


Spiritually grounded.
Drawing from the inspiration of our goddess, Itzpapalotl, and the mystical powers of obsidian, we believe in the natural and the supernatural, and in connecting with our emotional and intellectual elements by getting in touch with ourselves physically. We also believe all women, and all people, have the ability to connect with a higher being, a truer self, and that transcendence comes with self-focus and self-care. Physical health is nothing without emotional wellbeing, and we care about the whole you.

Sensually empowering.
We recognize that sex-- especially with yourself--  is often taboo. At Mystra, we want to inspire you to learn and develop an understanding of your body’s wants and needs. Just as each person thinks and lives differently, our sexual identity is also unique, and knowing that part of ourselves is the key to true pleasure, which can in turn provide healing and emotional release .