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Unlock the secrets to deeper, more fulfilling orgasms with the Rose Quartz G-Spot Pleasure Curve.

The Self-love Meditation Pleasure Wand is a unique, handmade intimate product crafted from 100% pure rose quartz. Its ergonomic design features a gentle curve, expertly crafted to stimulate the G-spot and cervix, leading to more intense orgasms. With a length of 18.5 cm and a circumference of 3 cm at its widest point, this wand is compatible with all types of lubricant. Each piece is one of a kind, with slight variations in size and shape, ensuring that your experience with the Intimacy Exploration Wand is truly one-of-a-kind.

Features of our stress relief pleausre wand:

  • Optimal Stimulation: The ergonomic design of the Quartz Pleasure Wand features a gentle curve that is specifically crafted to reach the G-spot and stimulate the cervix, leading to deeper and more intense orgasms.
  • Handmade with 100% Pure Rose Quartz: Each piece of the Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand is unique and handmade from 100% pure rose quartz, providing a luxurious and one-of-a-kind intimate experience.
  • Convenient and Hygienic: The non-porous and easy-to-clean design of the Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand ensures that it is convenient to use and hygienic for your intimate health.
  • Comfortable and Compatible: It’s compatible with all types of lubricant, making it a comfortable and enjoyable addition to your intimate play. Its temperature-sensitive design enhances the sensual experience, making each use truly memorable.


  • Length: 18,5 cm
  • Circumference: 3 cm at widest
  • Material: 100% pure rose quartz.


Free shipping in Mexico. Discreet packaging - there are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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My first and not the last Mystra for sure! I love how beautiful it is and that I don't have to hide it. I'm obsessed with the curved shape and the ball at the end helped me to find my deepest pleasure I've ever experienced I think...

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