Amethyst Pleasure Curve

$ 2,999 MXN $ 3,999 MXN

An exclusive Mystra amethyst piece of art, beautifully polished smooth, a unique sexual wellness accessory. 

Made of 100% Pure Amethyst Crystal, this pleasure wand is designed for resensitizing the body & supporting intimate self-connection. It is commonly used for meditative masturbation, the practice of bringing awareness to the subtle sensations & emotions that arise during self-touch. Because it is non-vibrating, the Pleasure Wand does not over-stimulate the body and instead encourages mindfulness & presence.

Amethyst promotes calmness and is an ideal crystal to work with in your self- pleasure practice if you desire to gently soothe the various emotions that can arise. Amethyst also helps to quiet the mind and provides relief from the stress that can boost libido.

The special curve design is perfect for gently reaching the G-spot and stimulating the cervix, opening the doors to experience deeper orgasms. This sensational tool will help you connect deeply to yourself to develop personal confidence as well as sexual wellness and growth. Perfect tool for yourself or to discover new routes of intimacy with your partner. 

Easy to clean and care for with soap and warm water.

  • Non-porous
  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature sensitive
  • Length: 19 cm 
  • Circumference: 3 cm at widest 
  • Compatible with all types of lube


100% pure amethyst. Each piece is handmade and sizes and shapes vary slightly. 

Our prices reflect our top quality & product authenticity. 


Free shipping in Mexico. Discreet packaging - there are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.

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