$ 2,999 MXN

Benefits of the Mahogany Pleasure Curve 

  • Diminishes mental stress
  • Deduces emotional anxiety and tension
  • Helps to deal with insecurity and uncertainty
  • Increases confidence and self-awareness
  • Boosts sexual pleasure, emotional stability and optimism
  • Enhances self-healing and mental-physical connection
  • It is a meditation on self-love and a perfect tool to discover new routes of intimacy with your partner

How to clean your Mystra? 

Cleanse your pleasure tool with soap and water before and after use. These wands can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Compatible with all lubricants. 


100% pure Mexican mahogany obsidian  


19/20 cm long and 3,5 cm wide

The size and weight are measured manually, and there may be a 1-3 mm difference.

Free shipping in Mexico. Arrives in 1-5 days to Mexico. Discreet packaging - there are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.

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