Obsidian Body Gua Sha

$ 999 MXN

Obsidian Body Gua Sha

Natural volcanic obsidian sculpted into the ideal facial massage tool to visibly lift, smooth, strengthen, and de-puff the skin. This stone’s unique properties maintain heat which encourage skin’s natural circulation flow to activate energy and promote a luminous glow⁣.

Gua sha is performed along the meridians of the body. According to TCM, meridians are channels or streams of energy where qi flows in our bodies.

The gua sha tool is scraped in a fluid motion to disperse stagnant blood. Long strokes over lubricated skin with a fair amount of pressure help to stimulate blood flow in the affected area. Mild bruising often occurs, which is the result of blood flowing to the surface of the skin.

Practitioners often work areas of pain or perform gua sha along meridian lines, depending on the desired result. Gua sha is typically performed on the back, neck, shoulders, and sometimes on the legs.

“Scraping the area between the shoulder blade and the vertebrae helps to reduce inflammation, strengthen the lungs, and disperse pathogens in the chest,” says Sher.

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